"A small smile to light up your face…
A little joy that stays for days…
Memory to fill up a lifetime…
The moment that can stop time…
Small they are, but only in size,
It is to them we dedicate our latest prize."

"Presenting Bariki,
The Celebration of Love."

Bariki is dedicated to designer diamond jewellery lovers.

The new generation fine diamond jewellery to dazzle and win hearts. Beautiful on looks and stunning to impress Synonyms with style that is in vogue, every piece of Bariki jewelry designed with special attention and is a perfect example of skilled craftsmanship. It is a perfect amalgamation of Top Notch Fine Diamonds, which clear all major certifications, with 22K & 18K BIS Certified Gold.

What really differentiates Bariki from other Diamond Jewellery are the vivacious yet simple designs which are, as spirited as a teenager, as illustrious as a professional, as splendid as the housewife, as modern as a party attire.Bariki is that final touch that enhances a woman’s beauty many folds.

Bariki is backed by 3 decades of trust and expertise in manufacturing unique & innovative designer Jewellery. Today Bariki is available at more than 500 stores across India, and with the launch of its online store, now Bariki is available at your finger tips. Browse our thousand of designs, mix and match your diamond & budget, share it with your friend and celebrate Love.

Go ahead & experience Bariki.
And we’re sure you will love it.